Seasoned, Professional

Debbie Silacci is a seasoned, professional, knowledgeable and honest realtor. She has brokered several real estate purchases for me. In each instance, she continually displayed the adjectives above. Debbie was always prepared, even though I wasn’t. Debbie was always on time, even though I wasn’t. Debbie always knew the fastest route to the property, even though I only THOUGHT I did.

Debbie was very patient with me while we combed the Valley looking for my dream home. She always had time to respond to my e-mails and phone calls. We spent as much time viewing a home as I needed, then, when I asked her, she gave her honest, objective opinion. I am delighted with the house she found for me!

If you’re looking for a realtor who wants to drive you around town, sign you in at all the Open Houses and Model Homes and hard-sell you on a property you’re not delighted about, then Debbie is not for you. Those realtors are everywhere, especially in the Valley! But, if you want your priorities addressed and if you want top notch service, Debbie and her staff will be a perfect fit for you.

Her staff is polite, cordial and charming, so much so, that I purchased several rental properties and have commissioned Debbie’s staff at AZ Property Brokerage to manage these properties for me. They track all the financials of each property and send simple, easy-to-read spreadsheets with all the data. My accountant was very impressed with this during tax season. The properties are well managed and in each instance, they’d pre-screened my tenants. All of my tenants have renewed their leases and are happy. It’s been a win/win situation. What more can I ask for?

Basically, no matter what I’m seeking in real estate (buying, selling, renting) Debbie is the person I call.

-Peter Hospodor